Did You Know?

16 May 2016

We have collated some interesting facts about our meals: We use over 100,000 free range eggs per year in our meals, making freshly cakes and sponge puddings

We buy 190,000 award winning hand-made Mountain’s Lincolnshire Chipolatas each year

We use 50,000 loaves of bread each year,supported by our local traditional bakery

We hand prepare our sauces using raw ingredients

We use 100% farm-assured meat in our meals

We use over 1500 Galia melons as an ingredient in our fruit salad

We use over 2500 butternut squash in our recipes each year

We only ever use British meat in our meals

We use over 21 different fruits and vegetables across our menu each term

We have at least 2 puddings each week on our menu with over 50% fruit content

All of our menus are fully compliant with the School food Standards

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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

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